November Favorites

Eek! Long time no blog, but that’s what happens when you take life offline for a little bit, and there’s nothing wrong with that. But I’m back, with a vengeance! Lots of ideas have come to mind over the past month since I was with you last, and while those are all in the works, check out what’s been by my side as I create…

To Watch:

Jane The Virgin – This had been recommended to me SO many times, and I finally got around to watching it. And it’s amazing. Get on over to Netflix for laughs & brillliant actors & a show full of love.

Janis Joplin Documentary – I had the intention of watching the Amy Winehouse doc, but stumbled upon this one instead. I’ve listened to her music for a couple years now and I had skimmed her Wikipedia page, but I never knew just how hard she worked and what she went through in her lifetime.

Gilmore Girls: A Year in the Life – I have no words for this one, but those last four words they’ve been dangling in front of us all these years? They’re killer. Go watch.

This Is Us – Thanksgiving break meant discovering new shows as I curled up in my cozy bed at home in Maryland, and I was lucky enough to find this one. You can watch on NBC for free, and it’s a magical lil show. Plus, the young Mandy Moore in the show looks freakishly like my mom at that age.

Nerve – This adrenaline rush of a movie took up my time on my flight back to Denver, and it literally had me on the edge of my seat. I was skeptical based on the trailers, but it’s a fun movie to watch if you want something to keep you up and entertained as you travel cross country.

To Read:

Just Kids by Patti Smith – I’m still digging into this one, and it’s a joy everytime I flip open to my cornered page. Patti’s words are beautiful (duh) and her story is remarkable. The tale of two artists, unlike any others, and it’s inspiring, in every single word and sentence and syllable that you glance over.

Our Revolution by Bernie Sanders

7,300 Days by Isabelle Mente


Click here for this month’s playlist!

AND a happy Christmas playlist, as well 🙂


To Eat:

Cinnamon on your coffee – Absolutely brilliant, adds the perfect amount of sweetness if you aren’t into artificial sugars or syrups in your cup.

To Wear:

Denim jackets – The ’90s (styles) are back, if you haven’t already noticed, and I can’t complain when I’ve got a bomb denim jacket (vintage) from It’s Honey Vintage.

Fuzzy/knit socks – Squeeze these babies into your converse or vans, and you can still rock your comfy sneakers in the winter time!

Mirrored sunnies – Perfect for some extra edge to add to your everyday look.

Big rings – I have tiny fingers, but I love big rings anyways. They add statement to your everyday attire, and can make it extra fun to type away on your computer, flip through pages of Just Kids, etc. etc. etc. – they just make life a bit more fun.

Fluffy coats/faux fur – The temps are dropping, and my closet is barely keeping up with the quick Colorado transition, but my cozy jackets are doing the trick for now. Check these out:


Candles – Try hazelnut for a fall/winter transition smell

Unplug – No wifi cafes exist! Find one, plant yourself down, and see what happens when you can’t use the data on your phone & your laptop has no use.

Journal daily – Try a couple of prompts, like these:

  • You’re in a red dress.
    • And go from there. Guy, girl, whatever – you’re in a red dress, but where are you? Who are you with? Why a dress, let alone a red one? What shoes, if any?
  • Your eyes change color based on your mood.
    • What color are they now? Or create a character and see how this lil quirk affects their everyday life? What color matches with which mood or emotion?
  • Your favorite song is on replay for the rest of your life.
    • What song is it? At what point does it get old? Do you try to stop the madness? Does it fit in with your everyday life events?
  • Write up a list of all the reasons you love yourself, your dog, cat, mom, dad, brother, sister, best friend. All of the above,maybe! Just fill a page or two (or three) with lotsa love.

Lights, lights, lights – String em up! The easiest way to make your space more festive and home-y.

Poetry readings – Hit em up! Stalk your local newspaper, school ads, ask your professors, etc. The best way to get inspired, chill out, take a deep breath, and appreciate some spoken art. Nothin’ better.

That’s it for now! Check back in the coming days (before finals take priority) for a couple special pieces I’m working hard on…

Until we (internet) see each other again,


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October Favorites

October was filled with Saturdays at the market, Monday mornings in coffee shops, early evenings falling into late nights with friends, a weekend home on the East Coast, and lots of new opportunities, adventures, dream-come-trues. Here are some of my favorite finds from the past few weeks!

To Eat:

  • Maple-brown sugar/maple-pecan lattes — My go-to flavor for this season. Especially delicious with almond milk. Found @ Whole Foods on Pearl Street or Alpine Modern Cafe on The Hill.
  • Amrita Health Bars — SO yum. I was lucky enough to get some free samples. Vegan, high in protein, and they actually do taste good! Expect a giveaway in the near future, keep an eye out 🙂


To Watch:

  • Black Mirror on Netflix — Black Mirror really gives you something to think about during your Netlix sessions. I could easily spend an entire day watching and re-watching these thought-provoking episodes, all following different storylines while successfully raising questions about technology and the part it plays in our lives, and where that will take us.
  • Before the Flood on YouTube, etc. — You can find this most everywhere, at least for the time being. Follow Leonardo DiCaprio around the world as he speaks with super important people in the fight to halt climate change and save our planet. Truly inspiring and informative, it’s just over 90 minutes and totally worth your time.
  • The Witch — I love horror films, and this was one subtle, slow building, but totally thrilling to watch. Take a step back in time and embrace the witch hunt era one more time for this eery film. No jump scares or cheap thrills, and it’s a refreshing take on the witch theme in horror.

To Follow:

  • Waylon Lewis — Boulder at it’s best. The founder of Elephant Journal shares his day to day life with the rest of us on this page.
  • hellorednails — The name explains itself, but the gentle art of this page is beautiful and the contrast of red among so many different places, faces, colors, cups is jarringly gorgeous.
  • kate_nyc — A breath of fresh air in a world full of filtered faces and extra brightned and contrast scenes of NYC.
  • fireandjoy — Bright, full of childlike wonder captured in photographs, nature at it’s best, love in couples and families and friendships and human + animal meetings.
  • Rupi Kaur — Words, mostly, but who doesn’t love a good poem amongst all the faces on your Insta feed?

To Read:

  • Milk & Honey by Rupi Kaur — Want to cry in public? This book will do the trick! (Only saying this because Rupi’s words brought tears to my eyes as I sat waiting to board my flight back home a couple weeks back.) Rupi Kaur is a young poet, and her words are wise, refreshing, honest, relatable, all of the above. Grab a copy at your local bookstore, probably tucked in the Bestseller shelves, or here.
  • SPRAWL by Danielle Dutton — I’m currently reading this for an assignment in one of my writing classes, and it’s a different writing style. Seriously, I’ve never read anything like it, and it’s inspired me in my own writing. If you’re looking for something unlike anything you’ve ever read, this thought-provoking and poetic novel is just what you need to flip through.

To Listen:

Best of the best:

  • Lady Gaga’s new album Joanne —
  • Guys My Age — Hey Violet
  • Man on the Moon — Zella Day
  • Rebel Rebel — David Bowie
  • Words — Daya
  • Cocaine Jesus — Rainbow Kitten Surprise
  • Oblivion — The Foxies

To Wear:

  • Fluffy jackets — It’s certainly getting chillier, at least in the mornings here in Boulder, and fluffy jackets are my life-saver. Snuggle up and add some extra fun to your outfit with a jacket like this
  • Layering and shapes — Layering is always in, and hopefully this stays. Try switching up the look and creating some shapes by wearing bras with cutouts under low-cut tanks or baggy flannels with a cute crop and an asymmetrical skort. If those words sound like gibberish, here’s the idea: Screen Shot 2016-11-07 at 11.17.15 AM.png
  • LF — Furst of a Kind, their vintage collection, has pieces unlike any other, and no one else will have them, like ever. It’s worth the price with the high quality and the unique style of each piece.
  • Vegan leather mini skirts — My current go-to, and so fun to style from day-to-night.

Sending love & gratitude as we head toward Thanksgiving,


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September Favorites


Happy October! September, in my world within the Boulder Bubble, was filled with midterms, essays, workshopping, and adventures, to local coffee shops and yoga classes and sometimes, just to plain ole’ college class. My favorite things, though, are featured below!

Screen Shot 2016-09-27 at 9.44.17 PM.png

  • The Tab CU Boulder — An online news source/blog style site for college students. Head to The Tab for the latest news stories on and around campus, plus some fun “life” stories as well.
  • HerCampus CU Boulder — Another online blog, specifically for women in college. Head to HC for the latest trends, events around campus and Boulder, and tips for tailgating, dressing for autumn, and some wonderfully written words on any and everything. Ranging from self-care and mindfulness to how to survive your freshman year at CU.
  • Horoscopes — They’re fun to read, and sometimes they make a little too much sense. No matter what your opinion is on them, give them a chance, even just for a week, and see how it goes. My personal favorite source is Free People’s weekly horoscope.

Screen Shot 2016-09-27 at 9.41.56 PM.png

  • Retrograde (a short film style series) — Emma Mercury on YouTube that follows her weekly adventures in her new home of NYC
  • American Horror Story on FX — This season is different than any before, and I’m loving it so far. If you’re into horror, a little bit of history, and maybe you watched the first season (Murder House), you’ll be sure to enjoy AHS Season 6.
  • New Girl on Fox — Jess isn’t exactly a New Girl, but this series is a breath of fresh air each time I watch it. The script is wonderful and the delivery is spot on. And my mom likes it. If Mother Theresa likes it, it’s gotta be good.
  • Scream Queens on Fox — I’m giving this second season a chance, and it’s doing well so far. Emma Roberts kills it (literally?) and Taylor Lautner and John Stamos are in this season (so far, at least).
  • Cosmos on Netflix — This documentary series on the universe messes with your mind, and the images are absolutely breathtaking.
  • Easy on Netflix — Currently watching this series. The stories are relatable, for the most part, and entertaining in their down-to-earthness. The less known actors stand out, even with some famous faces popping in. (Dave Franco, anyone?)

Screen Shot 2016-09-26 at 10.04.32 PM.png

Screen Shot 2016-09-27 at 10.32.47 PM.pngScreen Shot 2016-09-27 at 9.47.57 PM.png

Screen Shot 2016-09-27 at 9.45.48 PM.png

  • Sweet potato chips — One of my favorite things, year round, and in chip form? Nothing could be better about these.
  • Honey crisp apples — Or just apples in general, it’s their time to shine!
  • Fruit sushi — I came across this creation at the Whole Foods in Boulder last Friday. It’s sushi (vegan) with veggies and fruit. What genius brought this to life? I must thank them.
  • Complete cookies — Perfect if you want to indulge in some sugary-goodness, and avoid the animal cruelty bit. Vegan, delicious, and they come in an assortment of flavors. Also found, most likely, at your local Whole Foods or health store.

Screen Shot 2016-09-27 at 9.43.18 PM.png

  • Leggings with a fun twist — like these from Free People
  • Silk shorts — like these from Brandy Melville
  • Cozy sweatshirts — like this one or steal one from your mom/dad’s closet
  • Fun socks — like these or these

Screen Shot 2016-09-27 at 9.46.20 PM.png

Here’s this month’s playlist:

And some of my most listened to:

  • My Lair — Bear’s Den
  • Love You More — Joel Baker
  • Spirit Cold — Tall Heights
  • No Diggity — Chet Faker
  • Arizona — Frances Cone
  • Gemini Feed — Banks
  • River — Leon Bridges
  • Oh My Love — Layla

Screen Shot 2016-09-27 at 9.45.14 PM.png

  • A strong foundation during the transition to fall
  • Success in whatever you’re cultivating in your life right now
  • Health as the weather changes
  • killer Halloween costume
  • Adventure, travel, and well being for each and every human on this Earth

Screen Shot 2016-09-27 at 9.45.33 PM.png

  • Coconut Oil — For removing makeup, keeping your skin hydrated as the air cools down, and the list just goes on!
  • Hydro Flask — For keeping your drinks SUPER hot/cold. Seriously. I put ice in my water bottle almost 7 hours ago and it’s still freezing cold. That is some muggle magic, man.
  • Flowers on your desk — To brighten your space, add some life, and work on your parenting skills before you even think about getting a puppy.
  • Succulents on your windowsill — Again, these brighten the space, and aren’t terribly hard to keep alive (and yet, I have killed one before). Succulents add more oxygen/fresh air to your living space and are just so spunky and fun, how could you not buy one?!


Happy October!

Here’s to pumpkin carving, apple cider in our veins, and leaves beneath our boots,


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Got it for the lo-lo(cal)

The Boulder Farmers’ Market is a magical getaway (from Whole Foods), and this weekend there was an added escape just a couple blocks away: Firefly Handmade Market

If you couldn’t make it to Pearl Street this weekend, come back track with me! Click on the links to follow to support some local Boulder indie artisans.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.


Happy Sunday,


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August Favorites

August has flown by! I say that about every month when I look at calendar and realize we’re creeping in on the 29th, 30th, etc. But honestly, August was packed for me. Packed full of all the good things: Travel, new music, thrift store finds, and good eats. Keep scrolling to see my big take-aways from the past month!

listenPlaylist of the Month — September 

Some of my favorites:

  • Love is All I Got — Feed Me // Crystal Fighters
  • Follow The Sun — Xavier Rudd
  • 10 Laws — East Forest
  • Spirit Got Swag — DJ Sol Rising
  • AND… the new Frank Ocean album! At last! (Not on Spotify) (Listen to White Ferrari)
  • Extra extra, listen all about it: a cool artist Lizzie & I found on Pearl Street after some post-yoga/late night gelato: Lucas Swafford



  • Fightmaster Yoga on YouTube — for some juicy yoga flows that fit any need or craving. If you need a little extra incentive to get on your mat, or find your at-home yoga practice needs improvement, Leslie Fightmaster’s channel will help you a ton!
  • Button Poetry on YouTube — for some inspiration & to hear some up & coming voices in the poetry sphere.
  • What on Earth is Wellness? — a four episode series (so far, at least) following model Camille Rowe as she explores what wellness means to her and society. Super interesting if you’re into mindfulness, crystals, health, fitness, etc.
  • Niomi Smart on YouTube — for vegan food inspiration, healthy lifestyle guidance, and outfit ideas, Niomi is amazing at all of the above!


  • FullyRawKristina on YouTube — for 100% raw vegan ideas and information, Kristina has the best & brightest channel around!


  • Cacao Powder — Add a little into your smoothie or oatmeal for a healthy addition of chocolate into your usual meal routine. You can find cacao powder fresh at Whole Foods & most health stores.
  • Vegan Protein Orgain protein drinks are my go-to nowadays!
  • Apple Cider Vinegar — AMAZING for your digestive system & super yummy too! Perfect for getting you into that fall mood. My favorite can be found at Whole Foods, and here!
  • Gelato — from Fior de Latte on Pearl Street! They have plenty of vegan options, yippee!


  • Minimalist Wardrobe — Out with the old, in with new! And I don’t mean what you’re probably thinking. Instead of throwing out old clothes, send them to consignment stores, sell on Poshmark, or donate to Goodwill. I dug out the majority of my closet & sent it to others so that I only have about 50 pieces that I consistently wear. I’m still working on downsizing, but my closet (and my small room in Boulder) are so thankful for the extra space. Plus, it cuts back on consumerism, which is something I’m working on in my personal life. More on that to come in a post real soon!
  • Velvet — Check out Brandy Melville, Urban Outfitters, and any vintage/thrift shops near you for some velvet pieces. Whether it be shorts, tanks, hats, jackets, or shoes, velvet is a must for this time of year!
  • Baseball caps — Awesome for a bad hair day, and if you want to add a little something to your usual jean shorts + Free People tank top outfit.
  • Band tees — Go vintage! If you’re in Boulder, check out Goldmine Vintage on Pearl, or Urban Outfitters, for some comfy & different band shirts that you can rock with just about any outfit. Perfect for throwing on before you head to campus for class.


  • 12TH TRIBE on Instagram — Bohemian clothes that you won’t find locally, and who doesn’t want to be wearing a top that no one else can go out & buy at the local UO?
  • Macy Della on Instagram — Model turned small business order with a killer sense of style! Check her out in Ellicott City (once Main Street is back up & running!) for some awesome deals on designer bohemian threads.
  • SolPeak on Instagram — Created by two local yogis in Maryland, SolPeak is cultivating a mindset that gears us more towards spending our time on the mat & in the outdoors.
  • Karena on Instagram — A gorgeous (inside and out) California girl that puts her heart & soul into her fitness lifestyle.
  • EarthYogiDesigns on Instagram — Shameless (kinda) self promotion right here!

This slideshow requires JavaScript.


  • theSkimm — A (free!) app that will keep you up to date on the latest in sports, politics, and every day news (the good & the not-so-good). SO easy & fun to skim through as you drink your morning tea or coffee.
  • Crystals — read more here & check out my collection here


  • Essential Oils — read more here

Happy September!

Sending you crisp & cool vibes,


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A Summer of Yoga

This summer was a full of firsts. My first time being home from college for an extended period of time. My first time living at home without my older brother living with us (consistently). And my first summer teaching yoga!

I learned about myself, others, and the overall practice of yoga each time I taught an hour vinyasa class on my back porch. Some weeks there would be four yogis, some weeks we would be overflowing and my mom would take her mat inside and follow my cues with the screen door between us (it actually worked pretty well). While the yogis that made their way to the mat each week varied, one major thing was consistent: My love for this practice, teaching, and the growth that grew from those two things combined.

Below, you’ll find a short summary/list I compiled of everything I gained from this summer of yoga. As I’m writing this, I’m planning my class for tomorrow, writing my final notes full of quotes & gratitude that my students will take with them, and carefully building a playlist to add a soundtrack to the class. I’m both sad and happy, and it’s odd how feelings can mix together so vividly, neither one more vibrant than the other, similar to mixing paints. The yellow and the blue both swirling onto your brush, eventually fading into a spectacular shade of green. That’s the best way to describe how I feel about saying goodbye to these sweet Saturday morning summer classes. A spectacular shade of green.

What I learned this summer comes from the yogis that I trained with in the spring, my teachers, from high school to now, and all those who came to flow with me this summer.

  • Each class really, truly would not be the same without every single yogi there.
  • Messing up is okay and rarely will anyone pick up on the minor slip-ups.
  • Practicing new sequences on your own ahead of time is incredibly helpful.
  • Making the students comfortable is one of the most important things as you are getting ready to begin class.
  • Trying new things aids in growth, both in the student and the teacher.
  • Playlists don’t have to be perfect. (I’ve had to throw a playlist together 2 minutes before class is supposed to begin when I’ve held impromptu classes or the speaker doesn’t work with my phone, but the music doesn’t really matter that much in the end)
  • My teachers and my students are my greatest inspiration.
  • This whole ‘yoga practice’ thing is so beautiful.

Thinking back on the girl who stood at the front of 15 wonderful humans on May 14th, nearly three months ago, with shaking hands and a doubtful mind, I barely recognize myself now. When my brain sends the wrong cues to my mouth or I miss a posture in the sequence that I thought up the evening before, I no longer panic. I have trust in my students, that they won’t beat me up over my mistakes, as we’re all still learning. I have trust in my own abilities, that I can think on my feet and make it all work out in the end.

The love and gratitude I have for all the yogis I’ve met & practiced with this summer is endless. From Alaska to Maryland, I’ve never loved anything as much as I love teaching. It wouldn’t be the same were it not for all the sweet souls I’ve met and practiced with all summer long!

Here’s to you, yogis, here’s to us, and here’s to those lovely Saturday mornings.

Special lil’ shoutout to my last class on Saturday morning for coming together & bringing donations to go towards Old Ellicott City, so much love for all of you & our community!


See you on the mat real soon,


Playlist for this post (& my last yoga class): August 6 on Spotify

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July Favorites

July, for me, meant daily swims in my backyard, visits with family, and plenty of me-time after a busy beginning of summer. I discovered a ton of new things that I thought you all might enjoy as well, keep reading & feel free to share, add on with any of your thoughts, or some of your favorite summertime things!


Stranger Things on Netflix — I could talk about this show for hours. It’s incredibly well done and all the plot lines are interesting to follow along. Usually, I’ll skip bits and pieces of shows when I get tired of a certain sub-plot, but that did not happen even once with Stranger Things. The child actors/actresses are all wonderful and Winona Ryder does an incredible job. If you grew up in the ’80s, or you just love sci-fi with a tiny bit of horror, you’re bound to love this show.



Earthlings on Netflix

Raw Alignment on Youtube


Harry Potter and The Cursed Child — J.K. Rowling — Technically, an August favorite as I just finished it today (after buying it yesterday), but it was released in July, so we can let that slide. I wasn’t sure what to expect from the eighth release in the Harry Potter series, especially seeing as it’s a play script, rather than a novel. I won’t give any spoilers, but I will tell you that it’s just as spectacularly magical as the first seven. And if you read Harry Potter growing up, or to your kids as they grew up, it will definitely take you back in time a bit.

{P.S. Who wants to fly to London with me to see the play?? Anyone??}



The Alchemist

You Are a Badass

Processed with VSCO with f2 preset


Emma Mercury on Instagram — For vegan inspiration, wise words, and motivation to follow your heart. Check out her blog here: The Messy Heads

Its Honey Vintage on Instagram — For vintage inspiration, fashion ideas, and it’s all run by Haley Madison

Altar Ego Apparel on Instagram — For legging envy and yoga inspiration

Mystic Mamma on Instagram — For mystical updates on the moon & how it affects you

Raw Alignment on Instagram — For raw vegan food-porn


Vegan Pancakes — OhSheGlows

Processed with VSCO with c1 preset

Topped with strawberries + agave nectar

Suja Juice — Mango Magic & Spark are my favorites!

Any meal at Great Sage — The Chopped Salad and Caesar Salad are my favorites, the Mango Mate (Yerba Mate + Mango Juice) is also delicious!

Processed with VSCO with f2 preset

Honey Rose Latte {with Almond Milk}— from Bean Hollow

(currently closed due to Ellicott City flooding) (BUT I plan on trying to make my own sometime soon, and once I figure out a ~for sure~ recipe, expect to find it on here!)

Click here to donate to support Bean Hollow’s rebuilding!

Processed with VSCO with c2 preset


Wild Orange Essential OildoTerra — I never would have imagined how much I would come to love essential oils. I soak cool towels in them (most recently, the wild orange, and before that, lavender) and offer them to my students at the end of class, and it always seems to be a highlight. I used peppermint oil the other day on my low back/belly to help soothe cramps, I use a Ylang Ylang + Vanilla mix daily for grounding, Wild Orange for a caffeine-free energy burst, lavender for any anxiety, rose oil when I need a lil’ love. Playing around with different mixtures to create sprays is also very beneficial and fun, definitely a grounding activity in itself.

{More on essential oils & their uses/benefits to come in the near future!}

Nike Running App — I’ve played around with a couple other running apps, but always end up coming back to Nike. It’s great for tracking your total mileage, your average pace, your splits, and even connects you to Spotify for pace-based playlists or Nike playlists. My favorite running app by far!


Chakras — Learn more about chakras here & take a fun chakra quiz here to see what’s up with yours. — Personally, I find chakras so fascinating, and lately I’ve been tying them into my own personal yoga practice & my teaching. There is so much to learn about ourselves in this lifetime, and looking back on yogic history and philosophy, especially chakras, has allowed so many to gain so much wisdom and knowledge outside of the normal well that we humans tend to draw from.

Poshmark — The BEST app ever. Okay, probably not, but it’s helped me earn some significant cash from old clothes. Some worn, some still with tags (sorry, Mother Theresa).

Check out my closet!


My August playlist can be found here & it consists of all the songs I found throughout the month of July, most of which are still on repeat!

Some of the highlights:
The King of Cape — Alfred Hall
Coming Home — BUNT., Sons of The East
All We Ever Knew — The Head and the Heart
Weekend — Louis The Child
Love Letters to God –Nahko and Medicine for the People
White Blood — Oh Wonder


Happy August!


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Festival Camping Must-Haves

With Firefly Music Festival a short two weeks away, I’ve been making a mental packing list over the past couple of days. I remember feeling slightly intimidated by the idea of camping and festival-ing for 4 days last summer, so I’ve compiled a list of what got me through the long weekend. This list could go on endlessly, but I’ve just jotted down the things outside of the obvious (a tent, foldable chairs, etc.) that I didn’t realize I would treasure as much as I did.

  1. A flashlight. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve gotten lost trying to find my car/camp site in the middle of the night, and when your phone battery dies, a flashlight will always be there to guide you home. Going off of this, batteries. Bring extra batteries or else that claim about a flashlight “always” being there is a lie.
  2. Wet wipes. Especially if you aren’t planning on showering every day (sometimes it costs $5, so I’m not judging anyone who opts out), these will save you and the poor people that have to be around you all weekend.
  3. A Camelbak backpack. It’s both a refillable water bottle and a backpack and it fits on your back without obnoxiously taking up an extra foot or two of space. Personal space in crowds is scarce enough, and a slim bag like a camelbak helps keep all your belongings near at all times.
  4. A solar panel charger. These work wonders and save your car battery from dying. As long as the sun is shining and you aren’t in the shade, your phone will be charging! Last year, we got one from REI.
  5. A lantern. Inside the tent, it’s darker than it is outside, and you’ll want to at least be able to tell which sleeping back is yours.firefly2
  6. Extra toilet paper and some hand sanitizer. “Porta-potties are SO reliable and clean and always have Purell.” No one on Earth has ever uttered these words or anything close to them and genuinely meant it. Spare yourself the hassle and bring your own.
  7. Disposable cameras. Definitely going to try to bring these this year! I hate wasting my phone’s battery and storage taking pictures all day, but I do want to document some of the memories. Save your battery, and you’ll be saving the people behind you from having to stare at the performer through the screen of your phone (not fun) (everyone needs to stop this).
  8. Something to sit on inside the festival. Whether it be a rain jacket or a blanket, you’ll want somewhere to sprawl out on, and the ground isn’t always white jean shorts friendly. Avoid the mud stains and bring something comfy to rest on in between sets.
  9. Gallon water jugs. Last year, we washed our faces/hands/feet with these before bed and when we woke up. SO refreshing and surprisingly we didn’t even use all of the water from the two jugs we had brought with us.
  10. Games to pass the time/books/something. When you first wake up in the morning, you’ll have some spare time before you get ready to head over to the festival grounds. Instead of wasting the precious battery life on your phone, bring some games to play with your friends and neighbors. My brother brought some books to read and get some quiet time, and I’ll probably be doing the same this year!

Happy camping!



Songs of the Summer (that you [probably] won’t find on your local radio station)

The sun is shining (update: it was when I wrote this, now the clouds haven’t parted in a good week), the pools are opening, us college kids are returning home, and the hit songs of summer 2016 are the soundtrack to all these events.

Some hidden gems are lost or forgotten with the rush of the latest hits, and I’ve listed my favorites below:

  1. Summertime – The Mowgli’s
  2. Ride – Twenty One Pilots
  3. Traveling Song – Ryn Weaver
  4. Cigarette Daydreams – Cage the Elephant
  5. Throw Down Your Guns – Wild Belle
  6. Drive – Oh Wonder
  7. Young God – Halsey
  8. Genghis Khan – Miike Snow
  9. Crazy – Kat Dahlia
  10. Spirits – The Strumbellas
  11. There Will Be Time – Mumford and Sons

And since the radio is one my guilty (but not really that guilty) pleasures, I can’t not praise the happy, dance party worthy songs streaming as of late. Some of my favorites from this summer so far:

  1. Close – Nick Jonas
  2. Ophelia – The Lumineers
  3. Me, Myself & I – G-Eazy
  4. Indian Summer – Jai Wolf
  5. Lush Life – Zara Larsson


Hopefully the sun will be back shining down on us soon and you can blast these tunes with the windows down!