Women’s March

The Messy Heads

Time has passed since the election and the Women’s March, the flurry of images from both have begun to dwindle as other news catches peoples eyes. The fight against injustice shouldn’t end when it’s no longer in the media spotlight. If anything, when it becomes less talked about is when we need to rally together with even more vigor.

I’ve been thinking lots about this as of late. I began feeling hopeless, like it was all out of my control. Then I went to a rally at NYU hosted the Muslim Student Union to discuss and show our support to those impacted by the ban and the threat of the wall. As we left, I finally understood the driving force within me, that as small as I may feel, still puts me out there rallying and educating myself; I realized that feeling helpless, and letting that distract you, is abuse of privilege. If…

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