November Favorites

Eek! Long time no blog, but that’s what happens when you take life offline for a little bit, and there’s nothing wrong with that. But I’m back, with a vengeance! Lots of ideas have come to mind over the past month since I was with you last, and while those are all in the works, check out what’s been by my side as I create…

To Watch:

Jane The Virgin – This had been recommended to me SO many times, and I finally got around to watching it. And it’s amazing. Get on over to Netflix for laughs & brillliant actors & a show full of love.

Janis Joplin Documentary – I had the intention of watching the Amy Winehouse doc, but stumbled upon this one instead. I’ve listened to her music for a couple years now and I had skimmed her Wikipedia page, but I never knew just how hard she worked and what she went through in her lifetime.

Gilmore Girls: A Year in the Life – I have no words for this one, but those last four words they’ve been dangling in front of us all these years? They’re killer. Go watch.

This Is Us – Thanksgiving break meant discovering new shows as I curled up in my cozy bed at home in Maryland, and I was lucky enough to find this one. You can watch on NBC for free, and it’s a magical lil show. Plus, the young Mandy Moore in the show looks freakishly like my mom at that age.

Nerve – This adrenaline rush of a movie took up my time on my flight back to Denver, and it literally had me on the edge of my seat. I was skeptical based on the trailers, but it’s a fun movie to watch if you want something to keep you up and entertained as you travel cross country.

To Read:

Just Kids by Patti Smith – I’m still digging into this one, and it’s a joy everytime I flip open to my cornered page. Patti’s words are beautiful (duh) and her story is remarkable. The tale of two artists, unlike any others, and it’s inspiring, in every single word and sentence and syllable that you glance over.

Our Revolution by Bernie Sanders

7,300 Days by Isabelle Mente


Click here for this month’s playlist!

AND a happy Christmas playlist, as well 🙂


To Eat:

Cinnamon on your coffee – Absolutely brilliant, adds the perfect amount of sweetness if you aren’t into artificial sugars or syrups in your cup.

To Wear:

Denim jackets – The ’90s (styles) are back, if you haven’t already noticed, and I can’t complain when I’ve got a bomb denim jacket (vintage) from It’s Honey Vintage.

Fuzzy/knit socks – Squeeze these babies into your converse or vans, and you can still rock your comfy sneakers in the winter time!

Mirrored sunnies – Perfect for some extra edge to add to your everyday look.

Big rings – I have tiny fingers, but I love big rings anyways. They add statement to your everyday attire, and can make it extra fun to type away on your computer, flip through pages of Just Kids, etc. etc. etc. – they just make life a bit more fun.

Fluffy coats/faux fur – The temps are dropping, and my closet is barely keeping up with the quick Colorado transition, but my cozy jackets are doing the trick for now. Check these out:


Candles – Try hazelnut for a fall/winter transition smell

Unplug – No wifi cafes exist! Find one, plant yourself down, and see what happens when you can’t use the data on your phone & your laptop has no use.

Journal daily – Try a couple of prompts, like these:

  • You’re in a red dress.
    • And go from there. Guy, girl, whatever – you’re in a red dress, but where are you? Who are you with? Why a dress, let alone a red one? What shoes, if any?
  • Your eyes change color based on your mood.
    • What color are they now? Or create a character and see how this lil quirk affects their everyday life? What color matches with which mood or emotion?
  • Your favorite song is on replay for the rest of your life.
    • What song is it? At what point does it get old? Do you try to stop the madness? Does it fit in with your everyday life events?
  • Write up a list of all the reasons you love yourself, your dog, cat, mom, dad, brother, sister, best friend. All of the above,maybe! Just fill a page or two (or three) with lotsa love.

Lights, lights, lights – String em up! The easiest way to make your space more festive and home-y.

Poetry readings – Hit em up! Stalk your local newspaper, school ads, ask your professors, etc. The best way to get inspired, chill out, take a deep breath, and appreciate some spoken art. Nothin’ better.

That’s it for now! Check back in the coming days (before finals take priority) for a couple special pieces I’m working hard on…

Until we (internet) see each other again,


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