Thoughts on: Hope

Hope, for me, comes in the mornings when the sun’s rays are peeking in and skipping around on top of my bed. Or at night, after I put my journal onto the spot on the shelf above my bed, and the moon’s lines draw temporary tattoos on my face, my walls, my white pillow cases.


Hope is what gets me up in the morning. It urges me to list the things I’m grateful for the moment my mind begins to stir and the planner in my head starts to fill up. I hope for a wonderful day, full of inspiration, creativity, learning, growing, loving.

Hope is why I have faith in this world despite the terrors of everyday life that have become expected. There’s a light in the future, and the dark can’t last forever. The sun will rise again, and I want to live to see the day. I want each and every being to live to see the day when violence is scarce, self-love is a top priority for all, no one fears being themselves, and veganism is the norm (my hope runs real deep on that note).

I have hope for my family, my friends, and the strangers next to me in whatever coffee shop I end up in today.

To be more specific: I hope for a magical future for my mother, filled with adventures and cuddles with my kitten, Cali, and long walks with my dog, Holly. I hope that whatever she wants, comes her way, at some point in time or the other. I hope we travel to New York City for my 20th birthday this winter, and back to California together real soon. I hope she sticks to her passions, her talents, her photography, and her greatest gift: loving. She loves deeper than any other human bean I’ve ever seen, and I hope I can love half as magically as she does. Her wisdom knows no bounds, and I hope she sees this in herself. I hope she loves herself as deeply as she loves her children, because we wouldn’t be the spectacular lil beans we are if it weren’t for her compassion, kindness, and constant hope and faith in our family and the relationships we’ve formed beyond parent and child. I hope (and she always reads my posts, so I guess I know) she realizes she’s one of my very best friends, and I sincerely hope that never changes.

(If you can’t tell by the length of that last bit, I miss my Mother Theresa & cannot wait for her pretty soul to be here with me in less than two weeks) 

I hope for a long life for my kitten and pup, full of food and play and naps in the sunshine, sometimes curled up beside each other.

I hope for a perfect school for my little brother. I hope for a perfect career for my older brother. I hope they know I have zero doubts that they’re going to lead the most awe-inspiring lives.

I hope my father finds adventures in his day-to-day life and continues to find success in his career.

I hope each and every one of my family members continues to astound me and inspire me to work as hard as they all have to come to where they are now. I hope their lives are filled with love, contentment, peace, and magical experiences.

I hope my friends grow beyond their wildest dreams and create the most fulfilled lives, the one’s we’ve always talked about.

I hope each and every being I cross paths with, whether it be once, twice, or a thousand times, finds peace within themselves, their relationships, and whatever they might be going through.

I hope you, sweet reader, find inspiration somewhere within my words, and that the word ‘hope’ still has meaning to you after I’ve repeated it so many times. I hope the very best for you, no matter where or who you are, because we’re all trying our very best to be the best at any given moment despite any roadblocks, and I hope you keep this in mind when you meet someone who’s in a bad mood, or someone cuts you off in traffic.

I hope you have a magical Monday after you read this, or whatever day you come across this.


To the rest of the world, and say this with me (in your head, probably is best, or aloud, if you’re really down with this): I hope every being is free, content, wild, and finds some form of hope within their day-to-day life. Whether it be a cow grazing in a field, a child on the bus to school, a teenager driving to class, a working human headed to the office, a parent with their children, a grandparent with their grandchild, a bee buzzing around a flower, a raindrop falling off a leaf. I hope every molecule and all that these molecules create in this world find a piece of freedom, or whatever it is they are searching for, today, even for a fleeting moments. And if you experience this fleeting moment, grab onto it, or how it makes you feel, and invite it to stay for a while.

Hope will get us through all. Love is all that’s real. I hope for love, and I believe we’ll get to peace, real soon.


Sending you all the love in my heart,


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6 thoughts on “Thoughts on: Hope

  1. tsmith3637 says:

    Beautifully written, Caroline. I have dried my big fat crybaby tears enough to type these words of gratitude for your sweet, courageous, loving and yes, hopeful soul. You are a wonder! (Blessed to have a daughter who considers me a best friend. Always, girlie, always.)

    “Hope” is the thing with feathers –
    That perches in the soul –
    And sings the tune without the words –
    And never stops – at all –

    And sweetest – in the Gale – is heard –
    And sore must be the storm –
    That could abash the little Bird
    That kept so many warm –

    I’ve heard it in the chillest land –
    And on the strangest Sea –
    Yet – never – in Extremity,
    It asked a crumb – of me.

    ~ Emily Dickinson

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