Manifest that $*!t

If you’ve ever been to one of my classes, or most likely any other yoga class, you’ve probably heard this word before: MANIFEST.

The question is, what does it mean? And the other question, how does one manifest? Don’t fret, I’ve got (most) all the answers to your (valid) questions!


It can be difficult to find a set definition for manifesting, so I’m going to be lazy & give you the one I found on Google:

“Manifestation can be defined as bringing something into reality or a visible expression of something. As a techniques, manifestation is usually done using positive thinking or the Law of Attraction.”

My experiences with manifesting + what I’ve been cultivating recently:

I started manifesting, without realizing what I was technically doing, sometime in high school. About junior year, I suppose. And ever since, my life hasn’t been the same. My dream school came into my life, and now I’m here. My yoga lifestyle grew, and now I’m a teacher and forever a student. My vegan lifestyle became a priority, rather than just a small piece of my life. My relationships grew, my dreams shot further into the universe than I ever thought possible, and I’ve achieved more than I thought I would by this time in my life. And this, this is only the beginning!

  •  Adventures
    • In Colorado, Maryland, around the world
  • Travel
    • Specifically: California trips, NYC trips, and studying abroad next year.
  • Scholarly success
    • Always a top one for me. I’m never not imagining myself studying hardcore & it all paying off.
  • Consistent creating + inspiration
  • Loving friendships and new relationships
  • A more consistent meditation practice
    • HUGE for me lately. Most likely more on this to come real soon omies!

If you’ve ever felt stuck, or you do right now, I promise you, manifesting will help. Whether it be a little or a lot, the more you manifest, the better you’ll feel. And the bigger the impact will be on your life.

Some things to get you started:


Some tips on manifesting:

  • Manifest as often or not-so-often as you’d like, there aren’t any (real) rules!
  • Manifesting around full moons is the very best time to do so
  • Journal your manifestations, putting pen to paper helps to clear up your head space for even more spectacular thoughts to come to the surface
  • Use crystals to aid in cultivating your dreams
    • My favorites: Tiger’s Eye, Citrine, Rose Quartz, Moonstone
  • Write your manifestations on notecards or post-it notes & place them somewhere where you’ll see them daily
  • Put mini-manifestations as reminders on your phone, so at 1:00 every day, you’ll remember why you’re gonna keep on keeping on!
  •  Rid yourself of any anxiety, doubt, or fear that comes up when you think of your manifestations. Don’t let these things block you from creating a magical life for yourself
  • Be clear in what you’re desiring. Use powerful words, send out a strong energy and emotion behind your manifestations. Really mean it. (It’s like a patronus spell in Harry Potter, there’s gotta be a whole lotta something going into this!)
  • Believe it to be possible. Imagine whatever it is, whether it be traveling to a new place or acing your midterm, daydream hardcore. How does it feel to accomplish/create/do whatever it is that you’ve done? Where do you find out about your new job? Who will you tell first about your new friend or the cute boy you meet at that coffee shop?
  • You can manifest anything, really. Money or material things, sure. Maybe dig a bit deeper. Positive relationships, new friendships, strength in old friendships, new creative outlets, a good grade, or just an amazing adventure. It’s your life, you have the pen & the paper, create whatever you desire. You’ve got the power.


Sending you strong, you got this $*!t vibes,


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