Get Connected, for free!

Okay, not for free. My classes at The CU Rec Center are $5 or require a BeFit pass. But getting connected? Yeah, I promise you’ll get that!

Tonight was my third yoga class in the Mind Body Studio on the third floor of CU’s dreamy Recreation Center. The theme: Connection

Why connection? Well, so often I don’t know my neighbor in my yoga classes. And that’s totally okay! But imagine if you knew that person’s name, the one with the on-point breath and alignment, and knew what they ate for breakfast? Or the most embarrassing part of their day? Wouldn’t that be cool? I think so!

So, this evening when the clock hand stepped to 7, I introduced myself as I usually do, and then I asked my yogi students, about 20 humans tonight, to find someone they didn’t know very well, introduce themselves, and share something, anything about their day. At first, I watched every, single yogis eyes go wide. It was like I had just told them they were going to have to read my mind to hear the cues for class. I reassured them, and then they were off. Chatting and laughing and smiling and shaking hands and moving closer together. Together. We’re all in this together! I reminded them of this as we moved forward in class. You’re never alone. Someone has your back always, right now, I have your back, your neighbor you just met has your back, the Earth has your back, you have your back. You got this.

Don’t sweat it, we’re all in this life together, let’s connect, breathe deeper, dig further, take this world by the hand and show it what we’re made of.

Here are some of my favorite poses that I threw into tonight’s flow:

  • Skandasana
  • Frog Squat
  • Supine figure-4

My favorite quote from the practice:

“The world is so empty if one thinks only of mountains, rivers, and cities; but to know of someone who thinks and feels with us, & who, though distant, is close to us in spirit this makes the Earth for us an inhabited garden.” — Johann Wolfgang Van Goethe

And, lastly, the playlist I curated for the hour of flow:


Okay, not lastly. I tend to ramble after I teach. I’m super zen, but I just want to share everything. Share the details about how I felt, how the students who spoke with me after class were, how the energy in the room was.

And tonight, the energy was palpable and welcoming. Palms faced the sky without students even realizing it. Students spoke in soft voices after class to me with only the closet light shining on our faces. My pre-class music returned and acted as the soundtrack for the ending of tonight’s yoga party. I had asked my students to introduce themselves to me after class, since I don’t always get the chance to greet them as they enter, and most took me up on the offer. I heard from new yogis and old, some who went hiking over the weekend and others who were seniors in college, surprised that I’m a sophomore. Each hand shake was brought to me with eye contact and kind words from sweet souls. We were all in that hour of practice together, and we made it out alive. Sweaty, but alive. We spoke few words between each other, and it was mainly breath, but isn’t that the basis of all that life is? Anyways, tonight was magical, this practice is magical, and I’m so in love with what I do.

Until we see each other again–



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