Wanderlust 108: I am the beginning

This past Saturday, Lizzie (my roommate here in Boulder) & I road-tripped to Fort Collins for a day of blissful yoga events & plenty of dance parties. Keep reading to find out exactly went down on the sunny mountain top with an awe-inspiring group of omies!

The ~big beats~

“Love is the only thing that is real”

“I am the beginning”

“YOU matter”

Everything you need is already within you.

Laugh when you go down on chaturanga, it makes it a lot more fun.

Dance in your down dog.

Dance breaks in the middle of your practice are a-okay. In fact, they help a lot, you’ll probably forgot about the fact that your arms are sore and your thighs are burning in chair pose.

Find your drishti vision. What’s your intention? Why do you come to the mat? Why are you living this life the way that you are?

My take-aways

The feeling of community is so, so important & incredibly magical.

Encouraging your neighbor, and allowing them to encourage you, whether it be in laughter in chaturanga or breath during flow, is uplifting & adds a lot to the practice.

Strangers are more open to love and friendship and connection than we all realize. Eye contact isn’t scaring, and it needs to be preserved.

Going out of your comfort zone is fun. Spectacularly, wonderfully, fun.

Telling yourself ‘I love you.’ is practically unheard of, but when it genuinely came across my mind, it didn’t feel self-obsessed or wrong, it felt powerful & much needed, long overdue. Self-love is one of my big intentions in this lifetime, and to have the feeling of loving myself, for my mind/body/spirit, come out of nowhere, made it feel genuine and more powerful than any other sense of self-love I’ve ever experienced before.

The events

5k: SO fun and super chilled out.

Yoga: Half the class was taught by Chelsey Korus and the second half was taught by Marybeth LaRue.

Meditation: Led by Dave Smith, a Buddhist meditation teacher that works with recovering addicts, prisoners, and such.

DJ: Sol Rising

Check out his music here!


Other shops we stopped by

Wild Craft Apothecary —

Stop by my Etsy here, the new quartz necklaces will be up soon!


Wolven Threads — SUPER fun and cool yogi gear. Bright mandalas cover their swimsuits, leggings, shorts, & bras, and the prices aren’t too terrible either.

Silver & Sage Jewelry — Gorgeous malas, bracelets, and gemstones filled this little shop!

Aveda — They have a whole line of products for chakras (my favorite topic), who knew?? AND a wonderful lady did Lizzie and I’s hair for free!

The food

Quinoa from Whole Foods vegan cafe style set-up on Pearl Street

Sunshine Bowl // Islander Bowl from Sunshine Bowls at the festival

Health-Ade Kombucha

A playlist to sum up the wonderfully sunny & life-affirming vibes from the day


Sending love, light, & sunshine your way, always,


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