Late Summer Mood Board

Vision boards, or mood boards, are one of my favorite things to create. I draw from any and everywhere. My journals, books I’m reading, Pinterest,¬†tumblr, Etsy, magazines, The Messy Heads. I pull the photos and words and poetry that line up with how I’m feeling during that particular day, or hour or week, and throw it together to make a spectacularly unique and magical collage that captures how I’m feeling or what I’m working on!

Recently, I made a mood board on Photoshop CC to capture my feelings as summer begins to wind down. Keep scrolling to see how I went from a random folder of pictures to a unique collage that I adore!

The mood/theme: Calming rays of light, shades of orange & yellow, splashes of earthy hues, psychedelic graphics, nature images, & some sweet poetry.

The pictures I chose (some of which didn’t make the final cut, or were literally “cut”):

The final result: (after about an hour on Photoshop)



What do YOUR vision boards look like? What drives your creativity? Send anything you make my way, I’d love to see it!

Sending juicy & creative vibes your way,


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