From My Journal: May – August

This is my journal:

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It has coffee spilled on most every page. Rips and tears threaten to pull the entire thing apart at the seams. Essential oils stain the corners of most pages. My journal has been to Alaska, to Colorado, to Seattle, to Maryland, and everywhere in between. It’s in its final run, and before I retire it I thought I’d put together some of my favorite entries and share them with you!

Some pages are overflowing with words, quotes, ideas, yoga class plans. Others have only a single corner full of my writing, or a half, maybe just a quarter. Certain entries have dates, others just the month, or nothing at all. Every page, though, is filled with words and ideas that brought me to where I am now. My brain dripped out onto these pages unlike any journal I’ve kept before. For once, I was consistent in my journaling, mainly because of the routine I got into during my yoga teacher training.

Keep reading to find:

Pages from my journal, a playlist for you to listen to as you skim through, and some journal prompts you might find aid in your journaling!

My Journal:



  1. Put together a compilation of your favorite quotes from anywhere & everywhere. Something about having my favorite authors/artists words in my own handwriting is so comforting and motivating.
  2. Write about places you want to go, draw sketches of yourself there, manifest these travels.
  3. Write about your dream outfit, your dream night out on the town. What are you wearing? Who are you with? Where are you going? What happens?
  4. Write one word that describes how you feel today/recently. Scrawl it in the middle of the page in a font that fits the mood/theme. Fill the page up with drawings, quotes, other words that bring the word to life.
  5. Write 10 things you love about yourself. Take a picture, make it the background on your home screen.
  6. Write 10 things you love about someone else. Take a picture, send it to them.
  7. Write three sentences about a day in your life. Any day, at any point in time. Pull from real events. Make the weirdness, happiness, sadness, etc. shine through in only three sentences.
  8. Write about all your firsts. Your first taste of ice cream (or what you imagine that to be like), your first kiss, your first slow dance, your first bra, your first time away from home, your first day at a new school.
  9. Write about all the ‘firsts’ you still want to have.
  10. Write about your goals. Short-term, long-term, either works. Make a list. Fill up the page with everything you want to be and all that you already are.
  11. Draw yourself as a stick figure. What would you look like? How tall? Does the figure have a smile? What clothes does it wear? What is it doing?

Happy journaling,


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