The Messy Heads

Moods extend beyond little yellow-faced emojis, and can’t quite fit neatly when ranked 1-10. Sometimes happy, sad, angry, are simply not long enough to fit in what I am feeling. How am I supposed to sum up my emotional state in five letters? How do I explain moods that are 40% happy, 10% nostalgic, 50% sad? These odd mixtures, these inbetweens, these are real human experiences. These are moods we don’t have names for yet.


The feeling of pure human energy. In the middle of a pulsing concert. Everyone around you is jumping, screaming, dancing, you can feel the vibration in the air. The mix of hairspray, sweat, and weed, and the deafening sound of a thousand voices melding into one as the artist comes on stage. Buzzing with excitement, movement, togetherness.

The feeling of needing to get something done. Sitting in a study hall that is completely and utterly silent…

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