Crystal Magic

I bought my first crystals two years ago. I remember the day pretty well, mainly because it was a point in my life where I was just beginning to head down the path that brought me to where I am today! It was a hot morning in July, and I was in need of something, but I wasn’t sure what I was looking for. I walked into an eco-friendly local shop & saw they had crystals for sale. I had seen them before, but had never paid much attention. That day, something was different, and I went over, picked out three crystals, and went on with my day. Those three crystals have traveled with me (most) everywhere I go, and I love the comfort they bring me. Now, I hope to send the wonderful energy of crystals to others.

Just last week, I opened a Etsy to start selling some wire wrapped crystal necklaces. Originally, I had started making the necklaces my senior year of high school, but time slipped away from me and I never got around to it. When I came across my old wire wrapping supplies I realized I could make that dream finally happen. So, an Etsy was born!

You can find it here: EarthYogiDesigns

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Coming Soon: Sodalite, Amethyst Point Knot Wrap, Amazonite // Tigers Eye, Blood Stone, Ametrine Quartz

My crystal collection has grown a lot in the past two years, and all the facts for each crystal can be a lot to remember. Even the names themselves are difficult sometimes! Below, you’ll find photos of my crystals & some quick information on the ones that I’m most familiar with and/or most drawn to.

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If a specific one calls to you, feel free to message me on Etsy or e-mail me ( and I’d be happy to make you a necklace with that crystal/stone! (To clarify, not the one from my personal collection, I’d buy you a new one that’s all your own!)

  • Lepidolite
    •  Dreamwork, rebirthing, dream recollection
    • Protection, brings success in business and/or career
    • Decreases stress & anxiety
      • 3 available in the shop!
  • Amethyst
    • “Sobriety Stone” — Eliminates impatience, aids in meditation/dreaming/prosperity, protects travelers
    • Prevents addiction/drunkenness, destructive or compulsive behavior
      • 1 soon to be available in the shop!
  • Amazonite
    •  Communication, calming, truth-telling
    • Throat and Heart chakra
    • “Align your speech to higher ideals”
      • 1 soon to be available in the shop!
  • Citrine
    •  Variety of quartz
    • Manifestation, imagination, and personal will
    • Shields against spite & jealous
      • 1 available in the shop!
  • Sodalite
    •  Logic, rationality, and efficiency
    • Helpful for work in groups & stimulates though
    • Heals breaches in communication
      • 1 soon to be available in the shop!
  • Rose Quartz
    • A romance stone; can be used to attract love
    • Lowers stress and tension in the heart
    • Clears out anger, jealous, and resentment of others
    • Balances the Heart chakra
  • Ametrine Quartz
    • Enhance spiritual clarity
    • Mix of amethyst and citrine, so it’s a mix of the energies of both of these stones
  • Tigers Eye
    • Aids harmony and balance
    • Releases fear and anxiety
    • Aids Kundalini awakening
    • Aids in business and career/financial success
  • Lapis Lazuli
    • Enlightenment, truth, and developing psychic gifts
  • Malachite
    • Transformation, energy, balance
    • Balances the Heart chakra
  • Obsidian
    • Natural volcanic glass, protective, grounding & healing
    • Aids in past life healing
  • Fluorite
    • Stabilizing effect, encourages health, beneficial to the skin
    • Counters mental disorders
  • Bloodstone
    • Courage, comfort, and strength
  • Opal
    • Inspiration, enhances imagination & creativity
    • Enhances memory, decreases confusion
    • Used in lightwork for strong & safe dreamwork
  • Quartz (cluster)
    • Power, protection, harmony
    • Balance and energy
  • Hematite
    • Mental organization, stability, calming, grounding
    • Balances the Root chakra
  • Labradorite
    • Tranformation and magic, reduces stress and anxiety, helps the eyes and brain
    • Balances the Solar Plexus and Third Eye chakras
  • Blue Lace Agate
    • Healing in spiritual development
    • Eases agitation
    • Throat chakra (works through to the Third Eye and Crown, as well)


My go-to crystals:

  • Rose Quartz — for love & healing
  • Amethyst — for traveling
  • Citrine — for meditation
  • Tigers Eye — for manifesting success
  • Sodalite — for truth telling & help in communication


If you’d like to dig deeper, more information on crystals can be found here!

Sending love & healing energy,


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