A Summer of Yoga

This summer was a full of firsts. My first time being home from college for an extended period of time. My first time living at home without my older brother living with us (consistently). And my first summer teaching yoga!

I learned about myself, others, and the overall practice of yoga each time I taught an hour vinyasa class on my back porch. Some weeks there would be four yogis, some weeks we would be overflowing and my mom would take her mat inside and follow my cues with the screen door between us (it actually worked pretty well). While the yogis that made their way to the mat each week varied, one major thing was consistent: My love for this practice, teaching, and the growth that grew from those two things combined.

Below, you’ll find a short summary/list I compiled of everything I gained from this summer of yoga. As I’m writing this, I’m planning my class for tomorrow, writing my final notes full of quotes & gratitude that my students will take with them, and carefully building a playlist to add a soundtrack to the class. I’m both sad and happy, and it’s odd how feelings can mix together so vividly, neither one more vibrant than the other, similar to mixing paints. The yellow and the blue both swirling onto your brush, eventually fading into a spectacular shade of green. That’s the best way to describe how I feel about saying goodbye to these sweet Saturday morning summer classes. A spectacular shade of green.

What I learned this summer comes from the yogis that I trained with in the spring, my teachers, from high school to now, and all those who came to flow with me this summer.

  • Each class really, truly would not be the same without every single yogi there.
  • Messing up is okay and rarely will anyone pick up on the minor slip-ups.
  • Practicing new sequences on your own ahead of time is incredibly helpful.
  • Making the students comfortable is one of the most important things as you are getting ready to begin class.
  • Trying new things aids in growth, both in the student and the teacher.
  • Playlists don’t have to be perfect. (I’ve had to throw a playlist together 2 minutes before class is supposed to begin when I’ve held impromptu classes or the speaker doesn’t work with my phone, but the music doesn’t really matter that much in the end)
  • My teachers and my students are my greatest inspiration.
  • This whole ‘yoga practice’ thing is so beautiful.

Thinking back on the girl who stood at the front of 15 wonderful humans on May 14th, nearly three months ago, with shaking hands and a doubtful mind, I barely recognize myself now. When my brain sends the wrong cues to my mouth or I miss a posture in the sequence that I thought up the evening before, I no longer panic. I have trust in my students, that they won’t beat me up over my mistakes, as we’re all still learning. I have trust in my own abilities, that I can think on my feet and make it all work out in the end.

The love and gratitude I have for all the yogis I’ve met & practiced with this summer is endless. From Alaska to Maryland, I’ve never loved anything as much as I love teaching. It wouldn’t be the same were it not for all the sweet souls I’ve met and practiced with all summer long!

Here’s to you, yogis, here’s to us, and here’s to those lovely Saturday mornings.

Special lil’ shoutout to my last class on Saturday morning for coming together & bringing donations to go towards Old Ellicott City, so much love for all of you & our community!


See you on the mat real soon,


Playlist for this post (& my last yoga class): August 6 on Spotify

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4 thoughts on “A Summer of Yoga

  1. tsmith3637 says:

    As your mother, it is a pleasure to watch you grow in what you love. As your student, I learned so much more than I expected! You encouraged love, peace, serenity, grounding and knowledge …I oh so needed all of that this summer. Thank you for sharing your gift with me and spreading joy and love and peace on our little porch. You are an amazing teacher!

    Bittersweet indeed. xo

    Liked by 1 person

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