July Favorites

July, for me, meant daily swims in my backyard, visits with family, and plenty of me-time after a busy beginning of summer. I discovered a ton of new things that I thought you all might enjoy as well, keep reading & feel free to share, add on with any of your thoughts, or some of your favorite summertime things!


Stranger Things on Netflix — I could talk about this show for hours. It’s incredibly well done and all the plot lines are interesting to follow along. Usually, I’ll skip bits and pieces of shows when I get tired of a certain sub-plot, but that did not happen even once with Stranger Things. The child actors/actresses are all wonderful and Winona Ryder does an incredible job. If you grew up in the ’80s, or you just love sci-fi with a tiny bit of horror, you’re bound to love this show.



Earthlings on Netflix

Raw Alignment on Youtube


Harry Potter and The Cursed Child — J.K. Rowling — Technically, an August favorite as I just finished it today (after buying it yesterday), but it was released in July, so we can let that slide. I wasn’t sure what to expect from the eighth release in the Harry Potter series, especially seeing as it’s a play script, rather than a novel. I won’t give any spoilers, but I will tell you that it’s just as spectacularly magical as the first seven. And if you read Harry Potter growing up, or to your kids as they grew up, it will definitely take you back in time a bit.

{P.S. Who wants to fly to London with me to see the play?? Anyone??}



The Alchemist

You Are a Badass

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Emma Mercury on Instagram — For vegan inspiration, wise words, and motivation to follow your heart. Check out her blog here: The Messy Heads

Its Honey Vintage on Instagram — For vintage inspiration, fashion ideas, and it’s all run by Haley Madison

Altar Ego Apparel on Instagram — For legging envy and yoga inspiration

Mystic Mamma on Instagram — For mystical updates on the moon & how it affects you

Raw Alignment on Instagram — For raw vegan food-porn


Vegan Pancakes — OhSheGlows

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Topped with strawberries + agave nectar

Suja Juice — Mango Magic & Spark are my favorites!

Any meal at Great Sage — The Chopped Salad and Caesar Salad are my favorites, the Mango Mate (Yerba Mate + Mango Juice) is also delicious!

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Honey Rose Latte {with Almond Milk}— from Bean Hollow

(currently closed due to Ellicott City flooding) (BUT I plan on trying to make my own sometime soon, and once I figure out a ~for sure~ recipe, expect to find it on here!)

Click here to donate to support Bean Hollow’s rebuilding!

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Wild Orange Essential OildoTerra — I never would have imagined how much I would come to love essential oils. I soak cool towels in them (most recently, the wild orange, and before that, lavender) and offer them to my students at the end of class, and it always seems to be a highlight. I used peppermint oil the other day on my low back/belly to help soothe cramps, I use a Ylang Ylang + Vanilla mix daily for grounding, Wild Orange for a caffeine-free energy burst, lavender for any anxiety, rose oil when I need a lil’ love. Playing around with different mixtures to create sprays is also very beneficial and fun, definitely a grounding activity in itself.

{More on essential oils & their uses/benefits to come in the near future!}

Nike Running App — I’ve played around with a couple other running apps, but always end up coming back to Nike. It’s great for tracking your total mileage, your average pace, your splits, and even connects you to Spotify for pace-based playlists or Nike playlists. My favorite running app by far!


Chakras — Learn more about chakras here & take a fun chakra quiz here to see what’s up with yours. — Personally, I find chakras so fascinating, and lately I’ve been tying them into my own personal yoga practice & my teaching. There is so much to learn about ourselves in this lifetime, and looking back on yogic history and philosophy, especially chakras, has allowed so many to gain so much wisdom and knowledge outside of the normal well that we humans tend to draw from.

Poshmark — The BEST app ever. Okay, probably not, but it’s helped me earn some significant cash from old clothes. Some worn, some still with tags (sorry, Mother Theresa).

Check out my closet!


My August playlist can be found here & it consists of all the songs I found throughout the month of July, most of which are still on repeat!

Some of the highlights:
The King of Cape — Alfred Hall
Coming Home — BUNT., Sons of The East
All We Ever Knew — The Head and the Heart
Weekend — Louis The Child
Love Letters to God –Nahko and Medicine for the People
White Blood — Oh Wonder


Happy August!


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4 thoughts on “July Favorites

    • earthyogiblog says:

      Both are so amazing! The Alchemist is a quick read, but left a huge impact on me. Also, check out The Buddha Walks into a Bar if you’re looking for something a bit more spiritual without being too terribly preach-y 🙂


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