Festival Camping Must-Haves

With Firefly Music Festival a short two weeks away, I’ve been making a mental packing list over the past couple of days. I remember feeling slightly intimidated by the idea of camping and festival-ing for 4 days last summer, so I’ve compiled a list of what got me through the long weekend. This list could go on endlessly, but I’ve just jotted down the things outside of the obvious (a tent, foldable chairs, etc.) that I didn’t realize I would treasure as much as I did.

  1. A flashlight. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve gotten lost trying to find my car/camp site in the middle of the night, and when your phone battery dies, a flashlight will always be there to guide you home. Going off of this, batteries. Bring extra batteries or else that claim about a flashlight “always” being there is a lie.
  2. Wet wipes. Especially if you aren’t planning on showering every day (sometimes it costs $5, so I’m not judging anyone who opts out), these will save you and the poor people that have to be around you all weekend.
  3. A Camelbak backpack. It’s both a refillable water bottle and a backpack and it fits on your back without obnoxiously taking up an extra foot or two of space. Personal space in crowds is scarce enough, and a slim bag like a camelbak helps keep all your belongings near at all times.
  4. A solar panel charger. These work wonders and save your car battery from dying. As long as the sun is shining and you aren’t in the shade, your phone will be charging! Last year, we got one from REI.
  5. A lantern. Inside the tent, it’s darker than it is outside, and you’ll want to at least be able to tell which sleeping back is yours.firefly2
  6. Extra toilet paper and some hand sanitizer. “Porta-potties are SO reliable and clean and always have Purell.” No one on Earth has ever uttered these words or anything close to them and genuinely meant it. Spare yourself the hassle and bring your own.
  7. Disposable cameras. Definitely going to try to bring these this year! I hate wasting my phone’s battery and storage taking pictures all day, but I do want to document some of the memories. Save your battery, and you’ll be saving the people behind you from having to stare at the performer through the screen of your phone (not fun) (everyone needs to stop this).
  8. Something to sit on inside the festival. Whether it be a rain jacket or a blanket, you’ll want somewhere to sprawl out on, and the ground isn’t always white jean shorts friendly. Avoid the mud stains and bring something comfy to rest on in between sets.
  9. Gallon water jugs. Last year, we washed our faces/hands/feet with these before bed and when we woke up. SO refreshing and surprisingly we didn’t even use all of the water from the two jugs we had brought with us.
  10. Games to pass the time/books/something. When you first wake up in the morning, you’ll have some spare time before you get ready to head over to the festival grounds. Instead of wasting the precious battery life on your phone, bring some games to play with your friends and neighbors. My brother brought some books to read and get some quiet time, and I’ll probably be doing the same this year!

Happy camping!




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