Farmers Market Finds


Almost every Wednesday since last summer, my mom and I have had this tradition on Wednesday afternoons. There’s a local farmers market near Old Ellicott City (the historic district near my hometown) open from 2-6 through the summer months, and so long as we’re both in town, you’ll see us there! (Lately, most likely by the baked goods or the pizza guy)

Supporting your local farmers and businesses is so important nowadays, and so I’ve compiled a list of our weekly stops at the farmers markets. More details can be found here.

(We also stopped by the new farmer’s market in Clarksville at The River Hill Garden Center, so I’ve included some of those shops/businesses¬†as well)

River House Pizza Co. (at both locations)


The Vegedible (Miller Branch Library)












M & M Plants (River Hill Garden Center)


BL Teas (punny) (Miller Branch Library)


The tea infuser with the pretty charms is from the same shop!

Happy shopping! I’ll be posting more farmer’s market finds throughout the summer, and if you have any local farmer’s markets we should check out, let me know in the comments!



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